Workplace Solutions for Breastfeeding Mothers

Team Members

Heather Long

Michelle Long

The Problem

The Department of Labor provides guidance on creating a private space conducive to expressing breast milk, however, many employers do not have a space like this to offer to their employees or find it problematic to create such a space on a permanent basis.

The Solution

We are designing a product that will allow businesses to provide a temporary, portable space in order to comply with federal laws as well as retain valued employees.

What makes us the right fit?

As a new mom, I decided that breastfeeding was how I was going to feed my son. I based my decision off of cost as well as health for myself and my baby. When I returned to work I needed a space for expressing breast milk, but was usually obliged to use a bathroom. I was tempted to quit breastfeeding despite the benefits to my child and me. Our team is dedicated to finding a solution for working mothers so they feel supported in their decision to breastfeed.