Vona is a social enterprise that showcases Mozambican arts and crafts with a focus on the US and European markets.

Team Members

Lunga Bechtel, Owner

The Problem

Vona tackles the problems of a lack of global reach and engagement for African creatives and the livelihood challenges they face. This deprives African creatives of recognition and fails to break barriers to understanding African identities and creative expressions. Furthermore, irregular and low incomes affect local artists’ ability to cover basic household needs while realizing their artistic potential.

The Solution

Vona provides Mozambican artists with better tools and supplies for their talents to be fully expressed. The result is beautifully crafted batiks and woodwork that are uniquely Mozambican in style and experience. We then use story-telling and eCommerce to create a platform that gives the art global exposure and recognition. Vona further harnesses this recognition and uses profits for livelihood enhancement, resilience-building, financial literacy, and keeping artists’ children, especially girls, in schools.

What makes us the right fit?

We are motivated young professionals with a passion for socio-economic development through sustainable enterprise and mutually beneficial relationships. We not only share a Mozambican upbringing but also value culture and the importance of supporting underserved communities. Our parents repeatedly emphasized our privileged position and our duty to support the underserved. We have also been fortunate to travel the world meeting people and exchanging culture. We feel it is our duty to share our cultures so that all can experience their relevance. Vona is an expression of our truths.