Uni-Vision Childcare

Team Members

Champagne Domingo

The Problem

By giving our students the gift of a Bilingual Education, they have a better sense of themselves and their future, a better sense of their community and a better appreciation for our diversity as a country, making them the future bilingual citizens of the world.

The Solution

Uni-Vision Childcare is Lancaster County’s first Spanish Immersion childcare center and PA's first STAR 4 Spanish Immersion center. Star 4 is the highest rating awarded by Keystone STARS, a program of OCDEL, is a state quality rating system that promotes quality improvement in early learning facilities. Our program which distinguishes us from other high-quality preschool and daycare centers, is to foster the acquisition and development of a foreign language as important as Spanish. Our program offers students the ability to become bilingual at a very young age. The chances of achieving full fluency in another language are much higher if study is begun in the first five years of life.

What makes us the right fit?

God doesn’t call the qualified…He qualifies the called! This business is something that God put on our hearts to do so it was born from purpose not profit. I feel like I am the right person to tackle this problem because I was my students. I grew up in Lancaster, in a Latino family but I barely spoke Spanish. It wasn’t until I got older and started traveling that I realized how important it was to understand and to speak Spanish that’s why I teach it to my students as early as possible. My faith motivates me. I want more for my students and my community. I want to give my students an opportunity they might not otherwise have. We turned a 2-unit building on W.King St into a STAR 4 childcare center in 3 years…I am extremely motivated!