The Townie

A publication for ALL of Lancaster

Team Members

Sophie Roman

The Problem

The current options in publications only feature a small portion of the population doing a small portion of Lancaster things; however, Lancaster's artistic community reaches far past the sidewalks of gallery row.

The Solution

The Townie features local artists with content by local artists. By offering a competitive freelance rate to passionate contributors of every level, The Townie seeks to cultivate local talent and provide experience to artists who, for lack of education, finances, or portfolio, would not have otherwise had an opportunity to become published writers/photographers/artists.

What makes us the right fit?

As a working/non-working artist in Lancaster, I’ve been the beneficiary of exciting opportunities. Some undeserved, and some well-worked for. I want to provide the artists in every corner of this incredible city with the same opportunities that were given to me in the hopes that locals and visitors alike will have a deeper and broader understanding of the Townies that make Lancaster awesome.