The Laundry Ladies

Clean Clothes Delivered

Team Members

Savannah Thorpe

The Problem

The remote work revolution has been great for educated women so that they can continue to grow their careers and raise their families at the same time. However, low-income or single moms continue to struggle finding work because of the cost of child care. We need to find a way to bring remote work to moms without college degrees to help them save on childcare costs.

The Solution

The Laundry Ladies allows moms to make money from home by washing, drying, and ironing clothing at home so they can be with their children.

What makes us the right fit?

My family has been deeply invested in the plight of women in homeless shelters trying to climb their way out of poverty. I was lucky as a child to have my mom at home to teach me and my siblings, and I think it’s incredibly important to keep moms and kids together as much as possible.