Community Radio Station

Team Members

Whitney Lupton

Marquis Lupton

The Problem

Under-representation in the newsroom is a huge problem with media outlets today. National media, and especially local media has gravitated from their traditional models of coverage that included more "community coverage". Not just covering the negative stories, but also covering the positive stories that made the community feel closer together.

The Solution

Our pitch idea is a low powered community radio station. It would be a low-cost membership model with an opportunity for community members to be trained to use equipment as well as in the future grow to include tv production and loaning of equipment. This community radio station would be by the people and for the people, offering them an opportunity to share their stories, empower their community, and offer them the opportunity to learn soft media skills. Broadcasting can also be used as an educational tool. This station will promote local community culture/diversity, information sharing, entertainment, and financial literacy. This radio station aims to improve awareness and knowledge of solutions, to community development and tackling problems ranging from community culture to our local governance.

What makes us the right fit?

My husband has a background in news/media & journalism. He has worked for CNN, ABC, and NBC as well. Additionally, we own The Cultured Professional Network a digital podcasting company with thousands of followers/fans on social media (66% are in Lancaster). We are motivated by the belief that information sharing is crucial to our development as a community. Many of the radio media outlets that we have are owned by large conglomerates, oftentimes less concerned about the common man, but in maintaining their own power structure. This radio station would be a tool to empower and inform our larger community of our ills, successes, and partnerships.