Promoting sobriety in the community through entertainment.

Team Members

Kyle Kuehn

The Problem

There are many people groups who are segregated from the community because of their addictions or because they choose to live a substance free lifestyle. Our society has paired most entertainment with substance use, resulting in higher rates of substance abuse among young adults. In addition, many people who suffer from addiction or have been incarcerated as a result, now struggle to find employment and receive adequate care.

The Solution

Our solution is to offer an alternative. Our mission is to provide people a safe place to enjoy entertainment, the arts, and their community free from the temptation of drugs and alcohol. To change the perception of sobriety from a “dull” life to a “full” life. #LETSCHANGECULTURE

What makes us the right fit?

I have over a decade of experience in restaurants and bars, and over a decade of history with substance abuse and addiction. I have been sober since January 21st, 2015 from drugs and alcohol. So far SOBERBARS a.k.a. Lights Out Sober Bar has already been welcomed by the community and has thrown four amazing events. We are confident that our strategy, creative style, and momentum have positioned us to impact not only our own community, but communities around THE WORLD!