Nepali Spice Company

Customized​ ​spice​ ​blends​ ​manufactured​ ​by​ ​Nepali​ ​refugee​ ​women.

Team Members

Bhim Thapaliya

David Nagel

The Problem

Recent refugees, due to language barriers and lack of entrepreneurial skills, are limited in their employment options. This limitation will have long-term negative impacts on their future economic success.

The Solution

By providing training and marketable skills combined with English language instruction, we will employ Nepali refugee women and simultaneously increase their future ability to obtain thriving wage jobs.

What makes us the right fit?

The Nepali Spice Company was founded by Bhim Thapaliya, who was himself a Nepali refugee who has succeeded here in Lancaster, giving him the insight to help others in similar situations. Bhim has been assisting other Nepali refugees in Lancaster for five years utilizing many different community resources to serve the refugees. By providing employment and income as well as English and other marketable skills, we will make it possible for them to become self-sufficient.

David Nagel is a CPA who graduated from Elizabethtown College. He also has experience in working with non-profit operations, finances, and fundraising. His expertise and experience will greatly benefit the Nepali Spice Company.