Fashion that inspires and empowers.

Team Members

Timbrel Adidala

The Problem

There are over 200 million illiterate women in India. These women are not able to work, and earn enough money to raise their families, or provide a stable environment for their children to grow up in. Causing a viciously cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and misery. Additionally, many women in Lancaster struggle to find good jobs that will support their families.

The Solution

Providing the underprivileged women jobs in a stable environment. Giving them the opportunity to use their talents of sewing, embroidery work, marketing, and other talents they have to produce and sell beautiful, unique, and one of a kind accessories, and clothing to Lancaster, and surrounding areas.

What makes us the right fit?

I worked in the poverty stricken areas of India for over 5 years, working in an underprivileged school for children, in an orphanage, and in a leprosy colony. I connected with the mothers, and young women of the less fortunate communities, probably because they are such strong women, and so am I. During my free time I took fashion design courses, and have always had a passion for fashion, and upcoming trends. I know that with my background in the non-profit world, and my passion for fashion, I can combine the two to make something remarkable.