Lush Bazaar

Team Members

Timbrel Chyatee

The Problem

There are over 200 million illiterate women in India. These women are not able to work, and earn enough money to raise their families, or provide a stable environment for their children to grow up in. Causing a viciously cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and misery. Additionally, many women in Lancaster struggle to find good jobs that will support their families.

The Solution

Providing the underprivileged women jobs in a stable environment. Giving them the opportunity to use their talents of sewing, embroidery work, marketing, and other talents they have to produce and sell beautiful, unique, and one of a kind accessories, and clothing to Lancaster, and surrounding areas. Lush Bazaar is a social enterprise that believes in making a positive difference through fashion. We have made a positive impact with the unique fashion and home good collection, but there is more. After a successful one year of creating Bespoke bridal gowns and grooms tuxedos, Lush Bazaar would like to create ethically designed wedding wear for the many brides and grooms (and bridal party) who want to do good while being in love. The average bride spends $5,000 on a bridal gown that is made in a sweatshop and worn once. We want to create an ethical bridal line that could be sold to many bridal retailers. Being able to design wedding gowns that make a positive difference would be a great way to make make en environmental, and social impact.

What makes us the right fit?

I lived in India, and worked closely with women who were struggling to send their children to school or even save money for their future. The one thing many of these women had in common is the ability to sew, and create art with fabrics.. An art that I admire, love and find sustenance and strength from. I believe in my mission, because I see the lives that are changing with each piece of clothing made. The happy customers that invest in designer fashion and the hard working artisans who create beauty from simple, organic fabrics and materials. I am part of something greater and I believe in it each and everyday. I have a heart to change the world and I am doing my part through fashion and art.