Language Beyond Borders

Building communication. Bridging cultures. Creating jobs.

Team Members

Amer Alfayadh

The Problem

It has long been recognized by community partners, refugees, and immigrants that current language services are not adequate--often lacking accessibility to languages of lesser dispersion (LLD) and to quality and trained professional interpreters/translators.

The Solution

CWS, a refugee resettlement agency, has access to native speakers of many LLDs, as well as more common languages. We understand the training needed to be a professional interpreter and know how/where to access such trainings. Languages Beyond Borders, an social enterprise initiative of CWS, will supply the Lancaster community and neighboring communities with trained, professional interpreters in the languages that are needed.

What makes us the right fit?

Amer Al Fayadh is an immigrant who came to the US under the US Refugee Resettlement Program in 2010. In his current role as a Senior Case Manager at CWS-Lancaster’s Immigration and Refugee services, since 2012, Amer provides service to newcomers from around the globe. Amer also has over seven years of experience as an Arabic interpreter/translator in a variety of settings. With his cultural background, knowledge about the Lancaster immigrant and refugee community, professional connections he has created while working in the field of refugee resettlement, and with the support of CWS-Lancaster, Amer will be a great fit in identifying and bridging the gaps and challenges in accessing quality interpretation/translation throughout the community and beyond. Amer Alfayadh will lead this initiative on behalf of CWS.


CWS has a proud and successful history in Lancaster County, currently administering nine programs serving the refugee and immigrant population of Central PA. The office resettles over 400 new refugee and Cuban entrants each year, offering security, freedom, and opportunity in their new community. As demonstrated by CWS’ robust programming and close connections within the local community, CWS is well suited to host this language service business. CWS would look first to refugees and former refugees to provide language services, offering training and a thriving wage to qualified individuals.