Imagine Goods, Sustainable Supply Co.

Empowerment through employment

Team Members

Aiyana Ehrman

Michelle Kime

The Problem

Even after rescue, survivors of trafficking often cannot find living wage work, and become vulnerable to further exploitation. Especially if a person had been forced into sex work, survivors’ opportunities are limited—even more so in developing nations where extreme poverty limits work for many people and social support structures are not as readily available.

The Solution

Imagine Goods provides living wage employment, empowering survivors with opportunity and ending the cycle of oppression. Our artisans receive free childcare, healthcare, mental health care, family style lunch, and paid time for continuing literacy education.

What makes us the right fit?

Michelle and I started working in Cambodia over a decade ago. When we began, we were engaged as a non-profit alongside local organizations that worked with young people who had been trafficked. We learned so much in those years about sustainable solutions to the unique justice issues that affect survivors. We’ve taken that knowledge and are utilizing it in a way that gives the power for change back to where it belongs—with the survivors themselves.