Green Matters Natural Dye Company

“We bring pollution free color to the textile industry.”

Team Members

Winona Quigley

Tyler Stoltzfus

The Problem

It is estimated that 9 trillion gallons of synthetic dye chemicals are being dumped into the waterways on a yearly basis, which has a detrimental effect on the environment and personal health.

The Solution

By using natural materials for textile dyeing, we are not only completely eliminating the use of synthetic chemical compounds but also eliminating the contamination of an average of 30 gallons of water for every yard of fabric we dye. Our leftover dye baths then can be used as a natural fertilizer.

What makes us the right fit?

Tyler graduated from Temple studying entrepreneurship and has a passion for improving the local community around him as well as a passion for sustainability. Winona (with the same passions) graduated from Parsons for fashion design, and during her time there, gained valuable experiences and connections. They have proved their compatibility by winning 1st place in Temple’s BYOBB in the social track. Other than side jobs for life expenses, Winona and Tyler are dedicated to Green Matters full time and are determined to make it a successful enterprise.