Grass + Roots

Grass + Roots is a woodcraft and recycling shop with a for-purpose mission of equipping vulnerable women with community, opportunity, and welcome through woodcraft training and employment.

Team Members

Jeanne Martin-Sczechowicz, Co-Owner

Dylan Sczechowicz, Co-Owner

The Problem

Women experience higher rates of poverty than men; a reality for approximately 1 in 4 of our female neighbors in Lancaster city. Circumstances such as single parenthood, cultural integration, adverse life experiences, and currently, the COVID-19 pandemic, can further limit their ability to succeed in the labor market and identify a path for a successful economic future.

The Solution

By offering a safe, dignified space for skill development in crafting and basic woodworking, Grass + Roots provides vulnerable women an opportunity to earn income and learn new skills. Trained crafters strengthen their confidence and voice in the community as they showcase their work, bring their creations to market, and forge a path towards greater economic well-being. We also believe in creating responsibly, primarily sourcing recycled wood and furniture to keep our environmental impact low.

What makes us the right fit?

My partner and I have been supported by thoughtful, strong, and courageous women our entire lives- our mothers, our sisters, our friends, coworkers, and neighbors. These women have inspired and reminded us that we all have a great responsibility to help create an environment in which all members of our community thrive. We are committed to this and believe we can creatively do our part using our enjoyment for wood crafting and business as a force for good, to help reduce inequality and poverty in Lancaster.