GeoBees is a geographically-focused beekeeping enterprise

Team Members

Adam Nelson, Owner

The Problem

Honey bees are vital for food security and ecological health. Currently, honey bee populations are in decline, large-scale ignorant beliefs and practices continue to harm this keystone species, and honey remains one of the most counterfeited foods in the world.

The Solution

GeoBees sells the best local honey. By individually sourcing the product from our small network of apiaries, utilizing geospatial tools (drone imagery/video, floral source maps, and geospatial databases), we will provide the customer with a precisely localized snapshot of the product's authenticity that is unmatched. This data-driven methodology will help inform GeoBees resource management strategy, optimizing both bee colony health and honey production.

What makes us the right fit?

I have educational and professional experiences relating to the scientific and technological aims of GeoBees, however, my greatest strength as a social entrepreneur is my passionate curiosity. Honey bees continually fascinate and inspire me, and I plan on being a beekeeper for the rest of my life. GeoBees is a triple bottom line, globally scalable, and locally enactable solution that is capable of making people see the world differently.