We help libraries organize their collections effectively, find books easily and serve their communities better.

Team Members

Lennon Mazonde, Owner

The Problem

We may be living in the digital age but over 90% of libraries in developing countries are still using ineffective, archaic, paper-based methods to manage their collections, hindering their ability to provide knowledge to their communities.

The Solution

We are helping libraries modernize and stay relevant in the 21st century by providing Koha, an affordable, online, and web-based library system. It is simple to install, easy to access, and has all the tools a librarian needs to succeed in their mission.

What makes us the right fit?

I am a seasoned entrepreneur and a Koha library management software expert with over 11 years of experience helping libraries become more effective at providing access to books, especially in underserved communities. I grew up in a country where libraries are the only oases in a book desert and am determined to ensure they will succeed in their mission to provide the ultimate key to success – knowledge.