Fit City Women

We offer a virtual space for wholeness and a welcoming community for all women to feel accepted.

Team Members

Chelsea Christmas, Owner

The Problem

Many of the health impacts on women, especially women of color, highlight the need for women to prioritize their health in order to live long and full lives. Health and wellness can often feel exclusive, designed for a certain body type or an income bracket. While health and wellness should be accessible to all, to many, it often looks like a luxury instead of a necessity.

The Solution

Fit City Women offers affordable virtual and in-person fitness classes for women who have been negatively impacted by the lack of accessibility to affordable and inclusive gym settings. FCW also helps bridge the gap for women that cannot afford memberships at high-end gyms by collaborating with local women-owned gyms to give a high-end experience at a comfortable rate for every budget. FCW offers an inclusive virtual community via social media which is filled with opportunities for women to share their stories, their practices, and their resources. By making health and wellness affordable and accessible to all people, we remind our communities that there are paths to wellness that don’t depend on socioeconomic status. At our core, FCW believes that when SHE wins we all WIN!

What makes us the right fit?

My purpose and passion have always been to bring women together through health and wellness. I have seen firsthand through seasons of pain and uncertainty the importance of turning to health and wellness as a way to cope. I learned that caring for myself is not selfish, it is my responsibility. I learned that healing is available in healthy communities, that my body can do hard things, and that my mind can tell a new story that leads to hope. When I connect with the women of FCW I see myself in each of them and I am reminded that purpose can curate the space for other women to start their work toward being healthy, happy, and whole.