Eden Environments

Eden Environments is a sustainable workspace interior design and consulting firm.

Team Members

Elizabeth Byler, Owner

The Problem

As humans we are finding that our relationship with our physical space is broken, significantly impacting our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Only 4 out of 10 people are satisfied with the comfort of their workplace and 42% of the workforce are currently working from home. The time has come to mend the neglect of our built and natural environment.

The Solution

Eden is focused on using human-centric green interior office consulting to meet the physical, functional, and physiological needs of occupants through biophilic, trauma-informed, accessible, and sustainable design choices. Intentionally creating workplaces that prioritize the health and comfort of people will improve employers’ bottom line through lower healthcare and energy cost and increased productivity. Green design will also reduce the number of global greenhouse emissions.

What makes us the right fit?

I have worked in an unhealthy workplace, renovated it, and then witnessed the transformational experience within myself and anyone that entered the space. The tangible impact is something that I want to replicate for employees everywhere. Design is personal and it is important that people leading design for the built environment reflect the diversity of the people who are interacting with the spaces. I am an organized creative — I think in terms of function and envision the design possibilities, which allows me to create a healthy and hospitable space. I am highly sensitive to environments, and things like lighting, sounds, flow, smell, balance, etc. shape the way I experience a location. My primary motivation is a deeply rooted belief that people should flourish and spaces should help facilitate that experience.