Lancaster’s Very Own Raw Vegan Food Company that Inspires People to Eat Heathier and Live Better

Team Members

Lixin Ji

The Problem

Due to a lack of education, many people in Lancaster County are intimated by healthy food because they think it doesn't taste good. Moreover, those with a low income have little access to healthy food, which is usually more expensive than convention one. As a result, they turn to processed food, and are more prone to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

The Solution

Ebenezer Wholistic Foods aims to solve the problems by hosting classes where people can learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals by using affordable and wholesome ingredients. We also hope to provide a thriving wage to future employees so that they can afford healthy food for them and their families

What makes us the right fit?

What makes me the right fit to solve the problem is the motivation that fitness has provided me with. Fitness took me out of a negative environment and served as an avenue of hope.  I found my purpose in life, to create a movement that will last a lifetime with the help of others.