Connecting​ ​communities​ ​through​ ​shared​ ​experiences.

Team Members

Mustafa Nuur

The Problem

Due to the growing refugee population in the city of Lancaster, now more than ever the community needs to come together and learn about their fellow refugee neighbors and vice versa. There are many people who want more opportunities to learn about refugees in Lancaster and educate themselves about the refugee misconceptions in the media.

The Solution

Bridge will be a restaurant serving food from countries that have been recently banned from entry into the United States. This will be to humanize and create conversations about refugees in our community and rid the community about the misconception about refugees.

What makes us the right fit?

I am a refugee advocate, a refugee leader, and a refugee myself. I work in my community to create outreach and educate people about refugees. More than anything I have been doing a similar social outreach where refugees and their neighbors connect on food and conversations. This has shown improved relationship between the refugees and their new neighbors.