Fitness and Wellness center focusing on improving the health of low income communities while providing high quality employment opportunities.

Team Members

Luis Miranda

The Problem

In Lancaster County, nearly two in three (64%) adults and 54% of youth are overweight or obese. There are nearly 223,000 adults and 30,000 children who are overweight or obese living in Lancaster County. These statistics have been supplied by the PA Department of Health data. This is why BootCamp900 has been created, to address obesity and unhealthy lifestyle and give our youth a place of hope.

The Solution

My mission is to grow and expand BootCamp900 and its wellness center to include more programs such as nutrition classes provided by locals, a juice bar, financial aid advocates to help the youth apply for college, yoga/pilate/zumba instructors, life guards, water fitness instructors, and a variety of fitness trainers. Creating a wellness center will not only open employment opportunities in the area, it will also raise awareness about health and fitness choices to our youth providing them the benefit of healthy living. BootCamp900's wellness center will provide the youth a safe environment where they can exercise, gather, talk, life skills, do their school work, and most importantly learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

What makes us the right fit?

What makes me the right fit to solve the problem is the motivation that fitness has provided me with. Fitness took me out of a negative environment and served as an avenue of hope.  I found my purpose in life, to create a movement that will last a lifetime with the help of others.