AJM Technology Solutions and Training

Bridging the Digital Divide

Team Members

Andrew Mayers

The Problem

The digital divide in the United States has caused inequalities between individuals and households of different demographics and socioeconomic levels. This has created barriers to access to information and communication technologies as well as the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use the information gained from them.

The Solution

Let’s Click bridges the digital divide through technological education and empowerment. We provide personal training sessions, workshops, and consulting services. Our vision is to live in a world where there is no longer a digital divide and everyone is empowered to utilize the positive benefits of technology to optimize their lives and others!

What makes us the right fit?

My past professional experience working as an Apple technician fueled my strong beliefs because I saw first-hand the struggles many older adults endure with personal technology, both functionally and emotionally. Having received my education from Millersville University, studying both communication and entrepreneurship, I recognized I have the vision and ability to resolve this problem. As a natural born leader, I’m motivated to build a team of individuals who share my vision of bridging the digital divide and changing the world for the better!