AJM Technology Solutions and Training

Team Members

Andrew Mayers

The Problem

Due to the continued expansion of technology, there has been a resulting divide amongst demographics, known as the 'Digital Divide'. The Digital Divide refers to the gap in both access and comprehension of modern technology among certain groups of people. One group significantly affected by this gap are older adults. We will close this divide by creating an intergenerational bridge through the employment of millennials, who will facilitate our workshops and training. This employment opportunity connects generations while also offering millennials with a job opportunity they have intuitive skills for. The digital divide in the United States has caused inequalities between individuals and households of different demographics and socioeconomic levels. This has created barriers to access to information and communication technologies as well as the knowledge and skills needed to effectively use the information gained from them.

The Solution

AJM Technology Solutions and Training offers educational training and consulting services for adults and seniors to enhance the understanding and experience of their smartphone or other personal technology device. Our company provides both educational workshops and personal training packages to senior-based institutions as well as individual consumers .

What makes us the right fit?

Bridging the digital divide is an issue I am very passionate about due to my first hand experience working with senior adults in the technology field. During prior employment experiences, I’ve dealt with this issue up close and personal, and saw how much it has negatively impacted people and the quality of their lives. With my passion, education and experience, I am confident I can help to bridge the Digital Divide.