Supplying healthy, local food for early childcare facilities.

Team Members

Lashonda Whitaker

The Problem

Childhood obesity and diseases related to poor Nutrition and Wellness are on the rise. Unlike Grade Schools and Large Institutions, Early Child Care programs are not mandated to follow a united student wellness and nutrition policy.

The Solution

Shaping food selections and eating habits of young children in Early Learning environments by purchasing from local food suppliers, participating as a community in wellness related activities that encourage policy planning and development which will help students and child care providers make healthier choices.

What makes us the right fit?

I have been working with young children in the Early Child Care setting for over 9 years and have noticed an overwhelming amount of children that are not being fed well at home or at early Learning programs. Some reasons are due to program financial restrictions, time management issues, or lack of knowledge that children who are not fed healthy meals will develop slowly and have less energy which can result in childhood obesity or disease. I have operated Whitaker Family Child Care program since 2013 and have seen the positive impact that teaching healthy habits and integrating good meals into the lives of young children, 1- 12 years old has on their wellness. Parents often provide positive feedback on the meal choices served in our program, and students have been more likely to try foods that they might not have experienced before at home. I want to help other Early Child Care providers, children and parents throughout Lancaster County know the options of purchasing food locally and the nutritional benefits it provides our youth.